About Us

Pensions are confusing. And they’re a bit boring too.

It’s hard to get excited about something that’s going to happen in years to come. And, while Governments and policy makers have tried to simplify pensions, in reality, the opposite has happened. Most people just aren’t sure what option to take at retirement and, once you choose, that’s your decision made and there is no going back.

When people come to us to get pensions advice, the questions they’ll usually ask are:

Thinking about early retirement?

Whether their pension can give them the kind of retirement life they’ve always dreamed of.

What their pension is invested in, why it’s invested that way, and what are the annual charges.

What age they can retire at?

Questions about early retirement.

Our Story

EarlyRetirement.ie is the new trading name for Windsor Wealth Management which was originally founded in the 1980’s. The company first traded in our current location of 29 Windsor Place over 25 years ago. At EarlyRetirement.ie, our goal is to help people secure the best possible future for themselves and their families at retirement.

Our Mission

To make sure that you know all of your options.

To help you make an informed decision about which option is right for you.

To give you control and ownership of your pension.

We’ve been helping people with their retirement funds for a very long time.

And if we can’t make it more of an exciting topic, then we can at least take away the confusion for you.

Johnny Mulholland

Johnny Mulholland

Managing Director