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I had reached a point where I was not working any longer. My previous employer would not allow me to retire from the company pension scheme. The team at understood the position I was in and what I wanted to achieve. They were able to explain all of the options available to me including ones my company didn’t make me aware of. They  worked tirelessly on my behalf over several months until they secured what I was looking for. I am very satisfied with the service I continue to receive from and would have no issue recommending them and their services.

Owen, Leixlip


Was worrried. Now in control.

I worked in one of the major Irish Banks for over 30 years and I was a member of their Defined Benefit Scheme. I was still 10 years away from retirement but I was worried that the bank would not be able to give me the pension that they had promised. were able to compare my options and help me to understand all of my choices. I decided to transfer my benefit into a policy in my name that I am in control of and take those decisions away from the bank.

Patricia, Cavan



Genuinely interested in me.

I had no connection to Johnny Mulholland when building up my pension pot. When exploring the choices which I had available to me, I spoke to a number of companies. Within the first few minutes, I knew that Johnny knew what he was talking about, and was genuinely interested in me and what would be the best long term option for me. I have since asked Johnny and his team to look after other pensions and investments which I hold and have introduced him to some of my close friends.

Sean, Kilkenny



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What is a Deferred Defined Benefit Pension?

A Deferred Defined Benefit Pension Scheme is a pension which is linked to your salary and service of a previous employer. Having a deferred Defined Benefit Pension Scheme means that you were once a member of a pension scheme, but you left before retirement age.

What is a Buy Out Bond?

A buy out bond (also known as a personal retirement bond) is a policy that is used as a new ‘home’ for a pension from either a previous employer’s pension scheme or a current employer’s pension scheme if it is being wound up. A Buy Out Bond gives you control over how and where your pension is invested.

What is an Approved Retirement Fund?

An ARF is a flexible investment fund that you own personally and can manage and control during retirement. With an ARF you can invest the balance of your retirement fund, after you have taken your lump sum at retirement, in a wide range of different investment funds.